Karolina Kurkova Wear IWC Replica Portofino Series Watches In Shanghai IWC Shop

On July 21, 2016, Shanghai – Swiss watchmakers famous IWC cheap replica watches UK brand ambassador supermodel Karolina Kurkova on Shanghai nanjing west road flagship store, interpret the audacity to the Bold and Beautiful female glamour.For a long time, the IWC is leads the way with its unique style, in the women’s world, more approving a detachment of courage and wisdom.Event, Karolina Kurkova wear Portofino
Series wrist watch, send out an independent elegant female glamour.

IWC Replica watches for sale
IWC Shanghai shop.

IWC watches give every woman own attitude, not drift with the current;They are not defined, self-confidence, independence, blossom own wonderful;They don’t envy the beauty of the individual, the more hope for the world to create more beauty and wisdom.The IWC IWC contracted design and resolute temperament in terms of conflict and contrast produces aesthetic feeling.In the world of the IWC, women can deduce out the special and easy and soft, the release of independent self-confident charm.

This time, as brand ambassador of the IWC Pilot series fake watches, supermodel Karolina Kurkova on Shanghai nanjing west road flagship store, perfect show the IWC the audacity to beauty of female image.Karolina was born in eastern Europe, after 15 years old who came to New York, a place in the modeling industry struggle out quickly.In the late 90 s, the fashion popular decadent style, whereas Karolina to different from the mainstream image into the line of sight of people, she is unique, positive enterprising, became one of the most popular supermodel.Now her life in a happy family and charity events, keep their harvest of love and beauty, became the Muse on the minds of the creator.

cheap IWC watches in Shanghai
Model and IWC watches.

Karolina insistence of ego style with the IWC pursuit of advanced tabulation arts highest state, so to adhere to the self in the vagaries of fashion trends.Best fashion always inherit the classic lasting appeal, the IWC uphold this concept, precise matchless performance and unique appearance design, constantly to create a lasting value watch, continuation of the classic tabulation spirit.

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