Blue Second Hand Replica IWC Watches UK

Here’s Replica IWC Fake Watches UK that I bought for a friend of mine a while back from Replica Magic. Currently this website turned into, watches look the same, prices and descriptions are the same so pretty much all the indications are that it was just a domain change.

Cheap fake IWC watches UK.

This model does not look like any Stainless Steel IWC Fake Watches I’ve seen so far but my friend fell for it, had me looking really good at all the details and in the end got the green light to get it. The trade was that I’d get to take some photos and a video before he takes it home. I have to admit that the watch is stunning. It’s all good quality stainless steel with a very nice bracelet and such a nice designed crown. The dial is pretty wide at 47mm and the case is very thin at only 11.5mm.

White dial IWC fake watches.

These dimensions make this fake watch look very stylish. Numerals and Blue Second  Hand IWC Replica Watches are the same dark blue and the white dial give it a very clean, simple look. The chronograph at 6’oclock is a small seconds hand that completes the dial in a very nice way. Scratch-proof crystal is also very nice and a little bit domed helping to give it just the right reflection.

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